Bring plant life into your home

Find the perfect feel to contemporary living in Ridge Town Central.

Plants play an important role in human lives; providing food and oxygen is a huge responsibility but they provided added benefits that we may not know about. Many studies have shown that indoor plants can boost your mood, creativity, and concentration. They can reduce stress and fatigue, as well as combat pollution by absorbing toxins that are released. Bring in some of these houseplants into your home when you make Ridge Town Central your home and bring in life to your living space.


Also commonly known as Mother in-law tongue, snake plant or viper’s bowstring hemp, this beautiful houseplant is the perfect addition to add some greenery to your home. Once grown, it adds height and texture which is perfect for your living room. Requiring low light, this South African beauty is the ideal low maintenance indoor plant and does not require daily watering.


If you are looking for plants with added use, then consider starting your own herb garden. Chives would be the perfect option for your windowsill or balcony. Chives flourish in sunlight so aim to pop these little herbs where you get the most sun during the day. Ensure you water them frequently and use a pot planter with good soil drainage to ensure little water retention.

Senecio Rowleyanus:

Senecio Rowleyanus, commonly known as ‘string of beads’ or ‘string of pearls’, are succulent vines that creep over their pots. This is a perfect hanging planter option to suspend from your balcony or place on your living room coffee table. With most succulent options, these pretty plants require little sunlight and infrequent watering making them perfect as an indoor option.

Located in the vibrant heart of Umhlanga, Ridge Town Central is an urban, luxury estate. Break away from the facades in the neighbourhood and introduce small bits of nature in your home.

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