Mobility without the drive

Modern living is defined by convenience and Ridge Town Central is the epitome of this lifestyle on the go – you don’t even need a car to get around.

Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre has residential and commercial elements integrated into the area, which makes getting to what you need effortless and hassle-free. Spend less time on the road, behind the wheel and enjoy living everyday to its best.


Managed precinct

The Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre area is one of the few areas in KwaZulu-Natal that has a Management Association. This entity was introduced by Tongaat Hulett Property, who wanted to have a group of individuals responsible for keeping the area neat, maintained and most importantly secure. There are CCTV cameras and independent security entities patrolling the neighbourhood and on call.


Business as usual

The reason for many people moving to Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre is the convenient proximity to the office. If you work in the neighbourhood, get your steps in daily with office blocks just around the corner from your home. Use your afternoons and mornings for some down time or doing something you enjoy. It will also cause less stress driving to and from the office and might give you a little more to spend on your cup of coffees.


Active living

Chris Saunders Park is a favourite for families and active individuals, there is a Kid’s play area and loads of room for you to exercise, picnic or just reflect on your day. You really can just step outdoors and immediately have access to an active outdoor lifestyle. This node is a very safe precinct that allows parents to take their babies in their strollers for some time out of the home, or active individuals to run along the sidewalks freely.


Ridge Town Central is strategically located to be within easy reach to all the amenities one could need. Ditch your car keys every now and again and enjoy a lifestyle that is on-the-go and convenient.

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