This is the perfect time to invest in Ridge Town Central

There has never been a better time to make a property investment. With factors like the low interest rate of 7% in your favour, becoming a property owner can now be a reality. Ridge Town Central offers a lot for the buyers, and there are several key factors which make this property development an attractive one.

Positioning within the precinct

Ridge Town Central is a strategically placed residential development. Being so close to commercial hubs, shopping nodes and centres and also Durban’s 2 main highways only adds to its value. Many people will opt to invest property that is close to work and main commuter routes and roadways. Ridge Town Centre’s placement within the heart of Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre is one of the elements which sets this development apart from others.

Off-plan offers the best prices

Buying into an off-plan development will always guarantee you’re investing for the lowest price. Other factors which make off-plan developments like Ridge Town Centre attractive is that you’ll pay zero transfer duty and a low deposit of 5% secures your unit. With studio, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments available, Ridge Town Central is attractive to both families and business-focused, on-the-go individuals.

Capital appreciation potential

Strategically placed and well-planned developments are poised to grow in value. By buying into Ridge Town Central as soon as possible, you’ll be able to pocket any value growth that occurs between launch and transfer. Proximity is also one of the facets which will see it grow in value. Today, people are seeking convenience and ease and our estate is the intersection of both.

Better bond terms from banks

With property as a stable and desirable investment vehicle, banks have had to make their lending terms more attractive. What this means for the buyers, is that property is now more affordable and easily attainable. With the interest rate at 7% (the lowest in 47 years), your bond will cost less. What’s more is that savvy buyers will shop around for a bond and also negotiate to lock in a fixed interest rate on their bond for the next 2 to 3 years.

Upcoming Umhlanga

As one of South Africa’s most desirable coastal suburbs, Umhlanga goes from strength to strength. Offering an internationally flavoured lifestyle and boulevard-inspired design, it welcomes tourists and visitors. As a mixed-use playground which fuses international hotel brands, Blue-chip businesses, chic suburban properties and executive-style living, Umhlanga’s value keeps on growing. As more development goes ahead in the area, investment demand will increase, and property values will rise.

Whether you are looking to invest in Ridge Town Central as your own property to use or whether you intend to place a tenant in your unit, making an investment into this development now will only yield positive results.

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